Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Product Review: Frankincense Essential Oil by Monarcoa

I loved trying out this Frankincense essential oil because it is said to have been used during Bible times. Just about anything involving ancient Bibles times interests me greatly!

I used this in my aromatherapy machine. It had a scent I do not ever remember smelling before, a very interesting scent to me. I learned later it is a fruity, earthy, woody, and spicy aroma, which is supposed to calm and relax. The scent was not overwhelming to me. It must've relaxed me because I went from wanting to watch another episode of  a TV show to wanting to mellow out and work on trying to get to sleep sooner. In aromatheraphy it is also supposed to work as a very effective sedative, to help with mental peace and reduce anger, anxiety, and stress. After I used this for aromatherapy I don't remember feeling angry, anxious, or stressed about anything so I am hoping that it gave me the benefits of not experiencing them.

At first I really didn't understand the dropper. It looked like there was a dropper in the bottle and I tried to pry it out with my fingers but it stuck in there, like it was supposed to stay in there that way. So, I decided to just turn the bottle upside down and let the drops come out that way, even though they looked like larger drops than what a dropper I normally would have used would've released.

I like the little amber glass bottle that it came in. It holds .33 oz (10 ml) of essential oil. That made me think that a little bit of this essential oil is very sacred, and that it shouldn't ever be wasted.  It is also a big benefit to me that it is a 100% Pure Therapeutic Grade, Kosher essential oil.

I'm so grateful for the experience to try out this Frankincense Essential Oil by Monarcoa!

My review= 5 out of 5 stars

I received this free in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.

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