Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Product Review: Advanced Green Tea Extract by Zenwise Labs

Advanced Green Tea Extract is supposed to have some health benefits and help with weight loss and cholesterol reduction.

Once I started using this one time per day I started to notice that it felt like my body was going through a liquid flush or something. After using it for about a week most of the flush systems went away, maybe because this product has been flushing out my system for a week and there wasn’t as much to flush out. I liked that it contains a blend of Green Tea that is caffeine-free because I try to shy away from products with caffeine in them. I didn’t notice it doing anything drastic to my appetite; there were a few days that I thought I could do without eating a snack after about 7 p.m. though. My energy in the afternoon seemed slightly better also.

This Advanced Green Tea Extract reminds me of medicine because it is in pill form and it was hard for me to swallow at first, because the pills are sort of big. I have trouble with anything big going down my throat that cannot be chewed though, while others do not have as much or any trouble. The more water I drank the easier it was for it to go down though. 

I like that this product has very few ingredients. It looks like there is just Vitamin C and Green Tea extract in the capsules. I will probably use it once or twice a week because of the size of the capsules, although I am glad to know what it felt like to use it every day for about a week. It should last me awhile because the bottle says there are 120 capsules in it.

My review = 4 out of 5 stars

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