Monday, March 30, 2015

Product Review: Maxasorb B12 Cream by Vita Sciences

Maxasorb B12 is a cream to be applied (in two full pumps) to the skin for adults and children ages 12 and older once per day or as needed.  It is advertised to be great for eczema, dry skin, and wrinkles. It is also great to use for people that are just wanting to add a dose of vitamin B12. Two full pumps equal one dose. According to the product label, there are 30 doses per tube and it's made with natural ingredients.

The box this product came in reminds me of prescription medication that some people might pick up at the pharmacy, that is prescribed by doctors. It also reminded me of this when I put the product on my skin. I didn't notice what part of the skin it can be applied to on the box or product label, so I applied it to my hands which often need extra work, especially in the winter and spring months when they dry out more than other times. The advertisement also showed a person applying it to their hands, so I thought it was safe to use it on my hands. It had kind of a fruity and toothpaste smell to me. It is made with Mentha Piperita (Peppermint) Oil (one of the ingredients), which is probably why. I do like the smell though.

Usually it takes more than one application of regular lotion for it to start working on dry skin on my hands; this product started showing improvement the first time I started using it. I did need to use more than one application of this product per day on some of the days that I used it because of washing my hands soon after applying the product in some cases. This product did a great job of repairing the dry skin on one of my hands (only one of my hands had very dry skin), although the dry skin is not completely healed yet (I was given about a week to try and review this product, so it very well may continue to show improvement in the days and weeks to come).

***Comment added on July 6, 2015: I later had a rash-like reaction on my hand after using this cream. I think it is because I am allergic to vitamin B-12; I had rash reaction to another place on my body when I took vitamins (in another form) with B-12 in them.***

My review = 4 out of 5 stars

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Product Review: 15 Inch Packing Organizer by Dot&Dot

Disclosure: I received this product as part of an advertorial. 

The 15 inch packing organizer I received by Dot&Dot was used by my family during a recent mini-vacation. It fit about eight cotton t-shirts, and a pair of slacks inside of it. A pair of shoes were also stored in the net part in the lid area. It was put directly into the suitcase. It was a nice organizer/bag to use outside of the suitcase also.  There was also a handy diagram with this product included that showed how to fold shirts to fit inside of it.

This is a nice supplemental bag to use to keep some articles of clothing separate from others while using big pieces of luggage. It is also a nice bag to use when people only need to take a few pieces of clothing on a trip, which for some people may cause them to avoid bringing big pieces of luggage.  This bag also came with a zippered plastic bag that is nice for keeping it more clean when it isn't being used. It can easily be stored in a closest, drawer, or in some type of organization box when it isn't being used.

My Review = 5 out 5 Stars

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Thursday, March 26, 2015

Product Review: Age Defense Neck Cream by Body Merry

Disclosure: I received this product as part of an advertorial. 

Age Defense Neck Cream by Body Merry is supposed to hydrate, lift, and firm the skin in the neck area (and sounds like it can be used on the chest also). It contains many organic ingredients.

At first I didn’t think my neck needed much work, and I didn’t understand just how delicate the skin in the neck area is. I decided to try using this product to see if I could see any improvements. I guess my neck was not as smooth as I thought it was. It was even kind of bumpy, but I thought that was normal. After using this product it felt softer and my skin looked healthier; I do not feel any noticeable bumps in the neck area now. It might have even caused a lift in the neck area, as the product is supposed to do.

There is a sunburn alert on the product I received, cautioning users that this product may increase the skin’s sensitivity to the sun, in particular the possibility of sunburn. The product has a scent to it also. The scent didn’t bother me (it was a good kind of scent to me) but I know some people are sensitive to products the have scents to them. These are two reasons I applied this product to my neck on days when I didn’t have to leave my home.

I hope other people that use this product will see improvements in their neck area from using this product like I have.

My review = 5 out of 5 stars

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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Product Review: Digital Kitchen Scale by Fraser

Disclosure: I received this product as part of an advertorial. 
This digital kitchen scale by Fraser is for precision digital measuring of food, culinary, and baking ingredients. The scale I received already came with a battery in it; all I needed to do was pull out the tab. There is a power button on it and a menu of measuring unit methods (oz, kg, g, lb/oz). It is a handy size, making it easy to fit on a spare spot on a kitchen counter or in a drawer or cupboard.

I first learned how to use this digital scale by weighing a mandarin orange. I also used it to weigh bananas, and a bag of unopened potato chips.  It usually found the measurement it needed when I put those items on the scale but sometimes I needed to scroll through the measuring unit options. Oftentimes the weight would fluctuate back and forth even when the items were sitting still on the scale. For instance, when I measured an 8 oz bag potato chips it first showed the bag weighed 6 oz. When I weighed it again it weighed a little under 8 oz, and the weight sometimes fluctuated back and forth, when it was sitting still on the scale. Sometimes the weight would come out different if I put the scale on a different surface (I used a kitchen countertop and two different kinds of desk surfaces).

Since the weight sometimes wasn’t precise when the products were standing still on the scale and sometimes the weight would come out different when the scale sat on different surfaces, I need to rate this product a 2 out of 5. It could be that I received a scale that didn’t weigh properly. I would recommend this product for home use and also for food demonstrators to use to measure some of the ingredients for their food samples if I found out that I had a faulty scale and the weights on their other kitchen scales in this product line didn’t fluctuate.

My review = 2 out of 5 stars

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Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Product Review: Leather Cleaner, Leather Conditioner, and Leather Conditioner & Cleaner by Leather Nova

This is the first time I have reviewed any leather cleaning products so I am grateful for the new experience of reviewing these products from Leather Nova!
Leather Cleaner: This product was easy to use. I just sprayed it on the special cloth it came with and wiped it off with the same cloth . The chair I used this on started to shine instantly after applying it. It didn't take long for it to be finished cleaning and ready to apply the leather conditioner (2-3 minutes). In some places the chair looked dry already and in other places I could tell it was still wet. I dried the wet-looking places on the chair with the special cloth. I then applied the leather conditioner from this same company.  (My Review = 4 out 5 stars)
Leather Conditioner: I applied the leather conditioner to the same chair with the special sponge applier that it came with, after using the cleaner from the same company this is made from. It took longer for the product to work than the cleaner (it's supposed to take longer). I put the chair in another room while the product was working because it had a strong scent to it. The chair had a lot of excess product to wipe off after the time came for the product to fully work (after 1 hour). I used a dry towel to wipe up the excess product. It took more than one time to wipe up the excess product, which either means I used too much of the product or that is how many times it takes to wipe away the leftover remains of the product. My chair now looks like it has had a good face lift after using this product in conjunction with the Leather Cleaner from the same company. (My Review= 4 out of 5 stars)
Leather Conditioner & Cleaner: I used Leather Conditioner and Cleaner on a purse. I am used to using cleaning wipes on purses so I was grateful for the opportunity to clean my purse in another way. I liked being able to condition and clean my purse with one product. I applied the product with the special sponge that this product came with. It took more than one time to squeeze the product all over the sponge and use it on different areas of my purse (two applications from what I remember), although I liked it that way so I could have fresh product to be used on different areas of my purse. It didn't take long to dry (30-45 minutes) and there wasn't a strong scent to my purse after I applied it either (although there was a little bit of a scent). After this product had worked my purse looks kind of like it did when it was purchased, like it's been cleaned and the color has been restored. I will probably be using this product more than I will the Leather Conditioner and Leather Cleaner separately from this company because it worked faster, had less of a scent, and didn't have as much excess product to wipe off when it was done cleaning and conditioning. (My Review = 5 out of 5 stars)

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Saturday, March 14, 2015

Product Review: Organic Dandelion Root Tea by KissMe Organics

I was amazed the first time I tried Organic Dandelion Root Tea! I expected it to taste like a plant. I noticed some kind of flowery taste but there is also something in it that makes it also taste good, like maybe cinnamon. It has a pleasant smell from the Aromatic Hibiscus. It feels like my body goes through a liquid flush when I drink it also, which is probably the kidney and liver detox that the product is supposed to accomplish. I also loved the light purplish color of the tea. Even when I let the tea sit for awhile it tasted good cold to me, although I do prefer it hot.

I have looked forward to drinking this product every day since I started drinking it! I love it that this tea is caffeine free, organic, non-GMO, and vegan! It contains 0 calories per serving. I have tried different tea products throughout the years and I think this is going to be the tea I keep coming back to!

Where to purchase Organic Dandelion Root Tea: ("organic dandelion root tea"
"dandelion root tea", "organic dandelion tea")

My review = 5 out of 5 stars

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Friday, March 6, 2015

Product Review: Organic Rosehip Oil by Valentia

Disclosure: I received this product as part of an advertorial. 
Organic Rosehip Oil by Valentia is packed with natural ingredients such as Vitamin, A, C, and fatty acids. It can be used to help reduce scars, burns, fine line, and wrinkles while it evens the skin tone and rehydrates the skin. It can even be used on fingernails and hair.

The first time I used this on my skin it looked and felt oily. It’s an oil product after all. It seemed to soak into my skin within minutes of applying it, although it still felt and looked a little oily. I added some powder and it looked and felt less oily. It did seem to even out my skin tone only after one day of using it though. I will probably not use it on my facial skin very often because I don’t like to put oily products on my face.

I also decided to use this product in my hair. I left it on for about 30-45 minutes then I shampooed it out and also used conditioner. It was easy to comb through before and after I dried it. The first time I used it in my hair I didn’t notice a big difference immediately after using this product. The other times I used it I saw a difference soon after (within about 4-6 hours) of using it. To me it made a difference in what I ate too because sometimes oily foods will cause my hair to dry out. It seemed that the less oily foods I ate the more this product could do its work on my hair while I was using it.

After using this product both on my skin and hair I liked using it better in my hair.

My review = 4 out of 5 stars

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Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Product Review: Jump Rope with Fast Speed Cable by Naturalico

Disclosure: I received this product as part of an advertorial. 
I haven’t jumped rope in awhile (in years really) so I wasn’t sure what to expect from my experience with using this jump rope with fast speed cable from Naturalico.

The first week (when I used this rope on and off for a few days at a time) some places in my legs and one of my knees were kind of sore. I think that was because I hadn’t used those muscles in awhile. I took it kind of slow that week, starting at jumping around 30-60 times. The second week I used it (on and off for a few days again) I jumped around 60—150 times and I didn’t feel any soreness in those same places that were sore the week before. The rope was thin but strong I think; I could hear the whizzing sound when I was jumping, which I think signifies a good quality jump rope. And most importantly, I think using it made my heart rate pump higher because my heart was beating a lot faster many minutes after I exercised with it.

Some people will probably like that there is a way to adjust the length of the rope, to work with the different heights of people. I choose just to wrap the cord up around my wrists because I might not be the only one in my family using it in the future. Some people will like the handy bag for it also. I was glad to be able to just tuck the rope away in the bag after using it.

Definitely a good product to help people strive to become healthier!

My review = 5 out of 5 stars

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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Product Review: Advanced Green Tea Extract by Zenwise Labs

Advanced Green Tea Extract is supposed to have some health benefits and help with weight loss and cholesterol reduction.

Once I started using this one time per day I started to notice that it felt like my body was going through a liquid flush or something. After using it for about a week most of the flush systems went away, maybe because this product has been flushing out my system for a week and there wasn’t as much to flush out. I liked that it contains a blend of Green Tea that is caffeine-free because I try to shy away from products with caffeine in them. I didn’t notice it doing anything drastic to my appetite; there were a few days that I thought I could do without eating a snack after about 7 p.m. though. My energy in the afternoon seemed slightly better also.

This Advanced Green Tea Extract reminds me of medicine because it is in pill form and it was hard for me to swallow at first, because the pills are sort of big. I have trouble with anything big going down my throat that cannot be chewed though, while others do not have as much or any trouble. The more water I drank the easier it was for it to go down though. 

I like that this product has very few ingredients. It looks like there is just Vitamin C and Green Tea extract in the capsules. I will probably use it once or twice a week because of the size of the capsules, although I am glad to know what it felt like to use it every day for about a week. It should last me awhile because the bottle says there are 120 capsules in it.

My review = 4 out of 5 stars

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