Sunday, June 15, 2014

Product Review: Make Your Own Aleph Bet Bracelet by Jet

My congregation had some packages of these Make Your Own Aleph Bet bracelets and I decided to try them out because I wanted to make bracelets for the children in my class. I thought it would be better to make them for the children as a gift to keep the pieces together.

At first I had trouble threading the aleph bet letters and beads because the elastic thread gets worn out at the end often. I found that twisting it made it threadable again.

Also, I thought all the aleph bet letters would fit on the bracelet but there was no room to tie it once they were on there, although I did have some colored beads on there as well that came in the package. In that case, they might have all fit with being able to tie it, if I left the colored beads off. There were a lot of extra letters and colored beads, which is good because they can probably be used for something else.

My review = 4 out of 5 stars

Bracelet with all the aleph bet letters in the aleph bet used in first picture. Bracelet with 6 of the aleph bet letters taken off so it could be tied. Please see all the leftover pieces in the small plastic bag above the bracelet as well.


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